Golden Pebble studs


Petroleum metallic pearl coin earring on Sterling silver lever hoop.



Weight total :2.00 grams

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Golden pebble studs are now available in our Pebble Collection.

A new collection for Summer welcomes these bold Stud earrings. A simple and easy-to-wear pair of studs bring a strong aesthetic of 24kt gold to center stage. Designed to bring a bold easy wear flash of gold to your summer wardrobe.

These earrings are glamourous without being ostentatious. At over 15mm in diameter, they will be seen. However, their rippled texture is only revealed up close. Created from Recycled Sterling silver, with a 24ct overlay of Gold fused to the surface using the ancient technique of keum-boo

Drawing inspiration from glistening coastal rock pools these studs capture the heat and passion of golden days in the sunshine.  Luxurious 24kt gold reflecting back the sun’s golden rays. These earrings add a timeless but contemporary dash of luxury to any traveller’s wardrobe.



 The pebble collection

Drawing inspiration from paths which we walk, from cobblestones to stepping stones, rock pools to mountain paths the humble stone, or pebble is never far from sight. Its shape either formed by hand or nature captures how it is changed for purpose through weathering or design.

Like ourselves, our paths are changed and altered. Events, circumstances, or even health can change our shape or purpose in life. Nothing is set in stone as they say. The pebble collection draws texture, form and surface decoration from those stones along my own personal path.

As a child, the cobblestones I walked upon, were smoothed by the passing of time and purpose. The Stepping stones also were smoothed by running water as I hopped across them on a path of discovery and adventure. The stone walls are covered by lichen along country paths, time, and nature reclaiming them back to the ground they were removed from.




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